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What type is our confetti and will it stain?

Most of the confetti we provide is made from natural rose petals (unless stated on product), which have been air dried to preserve their natural strong fragrance.

As our petals are natural, they are 100% biodegradable, which allows it to be suitable for any venue with having to worry about having someone to clean up afterwards or about affecting the environment.

We have done testing to see if our petal colours run, and as they are 100% natural they should not, however we cannot guarantee this, but we have never had a complaint.

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Best way to store your confetti

We recommend that the confetti is stored in an air tight container (if possible, if this is not, please keep them in a sealed box) out of direct sunlight and in a dry place.

We offer this advice as light can fade the petals and if they are exposed to moisture/ humidity the petals will biodegrade/ lose their quality.

Ivory confett cones complete with biodegradable flower petals

How much to order and when?

Although a lot of people used to bring their own confetti, we would advise ordering enough for your guests to prevent people missing out or running out of confetti for your special picture.

1 litre of confetti is for about 10 people, and our bags/cones hold 1 or 2 handfuls of petals.

If you are unsure on how much you would require please use the contact us page and we can advise.

You can order your confetti at any time, we recommend ordering 1 month in advance or you can place your order in advance and we will make and ship it so it arrives 2/3 weeks before your big day.

If you require any of our items quickly, we do offer UK next day delivery on items ordered before 1pm, any orders placed after 1pm will be sent the following day. Please note this only applies to orders placed Monday - Friday.

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